TDU 800

The TDU 800 is a true deep hole exploration rig. It’s quite simply the most powerful exploration rig for its size on the market today. At home both above and below ground, the TDU 800 can drill up to 2 000 m. Frequently operating for weeks on end with the same bore hole, it’s imperative that the rig keeps running efficiently. Here’s where the Automatic Performance System (APC)* comes into its own. All the operator needs to do is set the drilling parameters and the APC* takes care of the rest. No other surface core drill rig can offer this level of automation.

Basic Data

Max Depth

2 000 m (6 600 ft) (B)


100 mm (4″)

Max speed* 

1 200 rpm

Max torque*

2 300 Nm (1 630 lbf ft)

Feed/Pull force

133 kN (29 000 lbf)

Feed lengths 

1 800 mm (70″)

Flush pump

Trido 140

Power unit

PU 110E